Accessibility at Western

Maps & Floor Plans

Western’s campus maps and floor plans provide information about the accessibility of Western’s campus. Please note that the meaning of symbols on these maps and floor plans are provided in the Accessibility Map Legend below.

Campus Maps
Western has a number of campus maps that are of assistance in navigating the campus. Information is also provided on accessible pedestrian signals and campus walkway enhancements.

Western Building Floor Plans
For a listing of the building floor plans available, please visit this section of the website.

List of Classrooms
The IPB Classroom Management Group provides a list of general university classrooms and descriptions including size, layout and accessibility information.

Accessibility Map Legend

Barrier Free Routes Icon Barrier Free Routes

Access Restriction Icon Access Restriction

Automated Door Opener Icon Automated door opener

Interior Elevators Icon Interior Elevators

Parking Icon Parking
Incline, Ramp or Hill Icon Incline, ramp or hill

Accessible Men’s Washroom Icon Accessible Men’s Washroom

Accessible Women’s Washroom Icon Accessible Women’s Washroom

Accessible Unisex Washroom Icon Accessible Unisex Washroom