Western's Support Services

Accessible Education Western

Accessible Education Western (AEW) plays an integral role in enhancing the accessibility of Western’s courses, services, and environment by arranging academic accommodation and other kinds of support. Counsellors are available to meet with enrolled or prospective students to discuss specific accommodations and supports that may be available to them. Students may also access a variety of other services, including training in the use of learning strategies and adaptive technology. For more information about the services and facilities available to students at Western (including the affiliated colleges) please visit the Accessible Education Western website.

For information about the services and facilities available at King’s University College please visit the services for students with disabilities section of King’s website.

Human Rights Services

The Human Rights Office (HRO) is dedicated to making Western an equitable, safe and supportive environment for all members of the University Community. This service provides assistance to all members of Western’s community, including student, staff or faculty members. HRO can provide information on the University's harassment and discrimination policies, employment equity and diversity, and other human rights related issues. For more information visit the Human Rights Office website.

Western Libraries

Western Libraries strives to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all library users to engage in research and scholarship. To enhance the accessibility of the library locations for persons with disabilities, Western Libraries offer library facilities, assistive technology, audio guides, reference services, and retrieval and photocopying of material. For more information visit the Library Accessibility webpage.

Student Health & Wellness

Student Health & Wellness Services is a medical, counseling and educational facility that is available to all registered part-time and full-time students at Western and its affiliated colleges (Huron College, Brescia College, and King's College). Fully qualified physicians, counselors and nurses are available daily from Monday to Friday, with weekend emergency clinics. For more information visit the Student Health & Wellness Services website.

Office of the Ombudsperson

The Office of the Ombudsperson provides a safe, confidential environment for students to discuss a University related problem or concern. The staff in the Office of the Ombudsperson may suggest approaches and strategies for addressing and managing conflicts, or provide general information about University resources, procedures, rules and students' rights and responsibilities. The Ombudsperson works with students to identify problem-solving strategies for resolving their concerns. In situations where there is no further recourse, the Ombudsperson may investigate, review a decision or may recommend a remedy. For more information visit the website of the Office of the Ombudsperson.