AODA Learning Resources

We All Have a Role...

Western is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. In our formal and informal interactions with members of the campus community, each of us has a role to play in fulfilling our responsibilities as outlined in the AODA’s Accessibility Standards.

By law, each person who interacts with students, alumni, visitors, or retirees is obligated to know the requirements of these new standards and communicate with persons with disabilities in a manner that takes the person's disability into account. Accessible formats and communication supports must be provided for persons with disabilities in a timely manner and at no extra cost.  Please review the resources included on these pages to help you understand these obligations and requirements.

Thank you for learning about and contributing to increased accessibility at Western.

Required Training and Supplemental Resources

Other Resources

  1. What's new under the AODA - Western's 2014 update
  2. Western’s Guideline Regarding Accessible Goods and Services
  3. Accessibility Resources for Western (PDF)
  4. Guide to Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ministry of Community and Social Services (PDF Version) (WORD Version)
  5. Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (Regulation 429/07), Province of Ontario
  6. Accessibility: Western's Service Review & Planning Tool (WORD)
  7. Human Rights and the Duty to Acomodate E-Learning Module from OHRC
  8. Disability and Human Rights Brochure from the OHRC (print version)
  9. Disability and Human Rights Brochure from the OHRC (accessible version)