Barrier-free design features

Residences at Western

All of Western’s residences, with the exception of Medway-Sydenham Hall, are accessible to persons with disabilities. Additionally, five of the residences, Essex Hall, Elgin Hall, Perth Hall, Ontario Hall and London Hall have incorporated a number of barrier-free design features, including specially designed suites. For more information on the amenities available in these residences, please see the Residence at Western web page.

Special Needs Requests

The Residence Admissions Office will consider special needs requests from students with disabilities on the basis that being 'assigned elsewhere will greatly affect their quality of life'. The reasons for such requests include serious impairments, physical ability challenges, exceptionally severe allergies or other permanent or ongoing medical conditions that would in some way affect the general wellbeing of the resident. Please note the deadlines for submission are dependant on the student’s year of study. For more information, please go to the Residence at Western webpage.

Western’s Off-Campus Housing Service

This service provides an active housing listing for Western students interested in living off- campus. Many of the advertisements indicate whether the housing is wheelchair accessible. For more information, please see the website of Western’s Off-Campus Housing Service.

City of London - Housing Division

Students interested in living off campus may find the information provided by the City of London’s Housing division useful. For more information, please visit the Housing Division website.