Students on accessible campus

Western has many services and programs that support the personal, physical, social and academic needs of students with disabilities.

Academic Information

Western respects the duty to accommodate and is dedicated to fostering an environment where students with disabilities can flourish academically. This section contains information about requesting academic accommodations at Western.

Bursaries & Scholarships

There are various bursaries and scholarships available specifically to students with disabilities. This section contains information on these bursaries and scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a list of answers to frequently asked questions from current and prospective students with disabilities.


Western's housing services has nine student residences. This section provides information on the accessibility of Western’s residences and the process of submitting a special needs request.

Technology & Communications

This section provides information on the various technologies available at Western that help make our campus more accessible to students with disabilities.


Western strives to provide students with disabilities with transportation options. Please see this section for information about transportation on Western’s campuses and in the city of London.

Western’s Support Services

Western’s community is served by a number of offices that offer a variety of services to students with disabilities. This section identifies these services and details their roles on campus.