Technology & Communications

Western offers a wide array of technologies and communication methods to assist students with disabilities.  Accessible formats and communication supports for students with disabilities will be arranged in a timely manner at no additional cost through Accessible Education.

Assistive Technology

Accessible Education offers a variety of assistive technologies to aid students in their academic learning. These services are available to students from Western (including King's, Brescia and Huron University Colleges).

  • The Adaptive Computing Technology Centre assists students with varying degrees of visual disabilities.
  • The Learning Opportunities Lab exists to help those with learning disabilities.
  • The Access Lab has computers equipped with a variety of assistive technology software programs.
  • The Examination Centre has a number of rooms to accommodate students writing exams.

For more information on these assistive technologies, please visit the Accessible Education website.

King’s Counselling and Student Development offers assistive technologies on site at King’s. For more information visit the King's Accessibility Services website.

Western Libraries also offers assistive technologies. For more information on the types of technologies available and their locations visit the Library Accessibility website.

Interpreter and Note-taker Service

Western’s Accessible Education offers sign language interpretation and computer note taking for deaf students and students with profound hearing loss.

Students registered at King's can access these services through King’s King’s Acessibility Services. For more information visit the King's website.

Alternative Format Text

Transcription services are available for students through Accessible Education. Printed materials can be converted into alternative formats such as audio tape, electronic format, and Braille. Eligibility for these services is determined by Accessible Education counsellors. These services are available to students who are blind, have low vision, or who have a learning or mobility disability. For more information, please visit the Accessible Education - Alternative Format webpage.

King’s Acessibility Services offers alternatives to print materials to King’s students. For more information visit the King's website.

Web Design and Development

Western has created a website template to serve as the campus standard for Web design and development. It is currently being used on the University's home page, several top level Web sites, as well as many faculty sites. This template aims to provide Western’s web designers with the basis for creating accessible web pages in compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C’s) Accessibility Initiative. More information on the template usage can be found on the Western Communications website.