Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers about the online learning program.

How do I access the online modules?

  • Go to OWL
  • Login with your Western User ID.
  • Click "Membership"
  • Click "Joinable Sites"
  • Use the search box, top right, to search for "Accessibility".
  • Click "Join" below the course name.

If you have trouble accessing OWL, or other technical questions, please contact the WTS Helpdesk at ext. 83800.

Who has access to the online learning modules?

Faculty, staff and volunteers are required to complete the AODA training programs. This includes work study students, Graduate Teaching Assistants and any other person who has an employment relationship with Western.

Which course do I complete?

Complete the course that best fits your role:

  • Accessibility in Service is intended for Academic and Administrative Leaders and Staff roles, student volunteers, and associated persons.
  • Accessibility in Teaching is intended for Faculty, Graduate Teaching Assistants, Archivists, and Librarians.

How long does it take?

Plan on taking 45-60 minutes to complete the program; this includes time to complete a short quiz. Successful completion of the quiz is required.

What happens when I successfully complete the learning module?

You will be able to print a certificate of completion for your personal records. Your successful completion will be recorded in Western's Human Resource training records and you will no longer receive email reminders to complete the program.

What are the legal requirements for training?

Under Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (effective on January 1, 2010) as part of the AODA, each person who interacts with students, alumni, visitors, or retirees is obligated to:

  1. know the requirements of the new legislation
  2. communicate with persons with disabilities in a manner that takes the disability into account, and
  3. ensure dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity in the way we provide educational experiences and service to others.

These requirements apply to faculty, leaders, staff, graduate teaching assistants, archivists, librarians, volunteers, contractors, and others who interact with persons with disabilities on Western's behalf.

If you have questions about the AODA learning requirements, please speak with your supervisor. Supervisors have accountability for ensuring their unit meets the requirements of the AODA.

Do I have to complete Accessibility training if I took it with another organization?

Yes, employees are to complete Western’s accessibility program. By law, training is to include organization specific accessibility practices and procedures. Western’s online program contains Western-specific information.

Do I have to complete the online training if I attended an in-person session?

No. Completion of the online learning module is not required for employees who attended an in-person Western Accessibility learning session offered in 2009-2010. If this is the case for you, the online program is available for optional review purposes.

Who do I contact if I require an accommodation?

If, as an employee, you require an accommodation as a result of a temporary or permanent disability, to fulfill the accountabilities of your role, please notify your supervisor of your needs.  Rehabilitation Services is also available for a confidential consultation.